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Used Avionics-What You Don't Know

Posted by Dave Fetherston on

The hunt is on, you have been eyeing that new to you piece of avionics equipment for your airplane and you finally have the money to splurge! When you're shopping for used avionics from EBay or any other online outlet, are you only searching for the best price?

Use a similar approach for a hotel or an airline ticket and there are an abundant amount of websites that will ensure you find the right price! The difference between the "best deal" airline ticket and the "best deal" used avionics, is with your airline ticket, you know exactly whom you're flying with. The website or company that you booked through was irrelevant, JetBlue will get you there.

However, the same may not be said for the used avionics you purchased. What you don't know could ruin the excitement you first had to add that slightly refurbished glass panel display to your cockpit. Do you know where it came from? Do you know how it was removed? Do you know if it works? What if it's missing parts? Do you know who you'd call if you had any questions?

You've put a great deal of thought and effort to make the financial and emotional decision to add refurbished avionics to your cockpit. So, purchasing it from the lowest seller may not be your best value. When you receive your used multi-function display, will you receive all the parts? Will it be in the same condition as the images you saw online? How do you know if it's just been laying around in some salvage pile? If you don't get what you bargained for, who are you going to call? EBay's policy doesn't allow the seller to list a telephone number.

When you purchase from a trusted avionics shop, you don't just have a number, you can count on the reliable NexAir Team to take care of you! Our trained technicians carefully remove and provide the appropriate paperwork with the part and answer any questions you may have. When you place your order, you'll receive a confirmation and a follow up when the part has shipped.

Experience and knowledge trumps price. When you purchase from a trusted and trained avionics shop, the experience of receiving, installing and ultimately flying your Garmin 430 WAAS/GPS is far more important than the thrill of chasing the best price. Knowing whom you're buying from is as critical as what you're buying. 

Used Avionics

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